Trekking in Liguria: 7 trekking routes not to be missed


Liguria, located between sea and mountains, is the ideal place for trekking and hiking fans.

Whether for excursions, trekking or walking, Liguria is a fascinating region that is ideal to explore by foot, paths and trails are suitable for all ages. They offer the right challenges for professionals and hikers.

The uniqueness of the Riviera di Ponente is its location, nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Maritime Alps. The area is characterized by a breathtaking landscape that can be explored along one of the many trekking routes in the area of Pietra Ligure, where our residence is located, and throughout the complete Finalese area.

Our routes have different levels of difficulty: some wind inland, where you can admire the unique natural heritage of Liguria, others lead up to the bizarre cliffs, to breathtaking trekking routes overlooking the sea.

We have selected 7 trekking routes for you in Liguria, suitable for all seasons. Some are ideal for "experienced hikers" or "professionals" as they involve steep descents or difficult sections where via ferrata equipment is required. If you are a trekking fan you will surely find the route that suits best to your desires and you will discover the Riviera di Ponente and the territory of Pietra Ligure from a new, unique and fascinating point of view.

Study our mini guide below and start planning your next hike. We ourselves are enthusiastic hikers, we warmly welcome you and are happy to give you all the information you need. If you stay at Residence Holidays, we can also organize a multi-day trekking for you. Choose from the different routes we propose, with your apartment in Pietra Ligure as a central starting point.

Here are the 7 adventure-routes that we recommend for a unique and unforgettable excursion in Liguria:


Landcape and cultural historical  route 

Time required: about 4 hours 
Altitude difference: about 700 meters
Difficulty: trained hikers

The excursion starts from Peagna, above the old village, and leads along the dry river course, the Rio della Croce, which is surrounded by a sparse, typically Mediterranean garrigue vegetation. Climbing up to the four peaks of the mountain with a visit to the rock formations and cultural insights into the ecclesiastical architecture of western Liguria. The return leads along the Torsero River to the Ibà Valley. Explore the fascination of the water with its pools, waterfalls and erosion pots.


Landscape and cultural historical route

Time required: about 5 hours
Altitude difference: about 1,000 meters
Difficulty: trained hikers

The excursion starts from Boissano (district of S. Paolo), following the route at the south side of the mountain, passing by the church of S. Pietrino along the Napoleonic road, that leads to Cascina Peglia. Then climbing up the ascent to the south-east peak (962 m asl) and following the connecting path to Monte Varatella (895 m asl). The descent leads back down the old cobbled road of the Benedictine monks through Ca'. Experience cultural insights into the rural architecture of the agro-pastoral farms of the Varatella Valley.


Landscape and cultural historical route

Time required: about 5 hours
Altitude difference: about 800 meters
Difficulty: trained hikers

The excursion starts in the town of Castagnabanca. The ascent route is on the south-east side of the mountain, leading to the Pian delle Bosse refuge and via the panoramic path of the south-east ridge. On Anticima (1330 m asl), the south-eastern main summit, take a long break to enjoy the fascinating view of the Ligurian coast, the Mediterranean Sea, the Ligurian Lake Alps, Cotschen-, Valais Alps and Graie. The return is via a circle on the south side of the mountain with visit to the shepherd's village of Bric Ciazzalunga, and cultural insight of the stone architecture. Continued on the path of stones to explore the geology of the area and visit the rock of Monte Carmo with its rock carvings.


Landscape and cultural historical route

Time required: about 4 hours plus the opportunity to swim in the sea
Altitude difference: about 400 meters
Difficulty: Climber (difficult descent to the small beach of Punta Crena)

The excursion starts from Varigotti. The exciting route "Balcony by the Sea" up to the Bric Cianazzi with cultural insights into the geology of the region. Upon arrival we reach the southern area of Cian de Strie, east of the Mànie plateau of Capo Noli. The way back is along the path of the Pellegrino that passes through the Witches' Tower, along the panoramic Malpasso cliff, visiting the ancient church of S. Lorenzo with a breathtaking sea view and a unique fauna that can only be found up here. Visiting the Punta Crena Promontory Natural Park also offers the opportunity to swim in the sea at the impressive Spiagetta a Tasca (Pocket Beach) of Punta Crena, one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in the region.


Landscape, archaeological, historical and cultural route

Time required: about 4 hours
Altitude difference: about 400 meters
Difficulty: hiker

The excursion starts from the municipality of Valle (Perti) and leads to the Fortress of Perti via a climbing path along the north side. There we will visit the archaeological site of the Village of Souls “Villaggio delle Anime” (a pre-Roman castle, megalithic site and religious heart of the Ligurian-Celtic culture) the main peak of the Crocetta. The descent leads through the village of Montesordo to Pianmarino, a large grassy ditch. Returning to the Montesordo plateau we will visit the Grotta della Pozzanghera, Grotta della Pollera and Grotta dell'Edera (Geosites of Liguria), and visit the archaeological site of S. Antonino with cultural insight of the Marquisate of the del Carretto family (early Middle Ages).


Landscape, archaeological, historical and cultural route

Time required: about 4 hours
Altitude difference: about 400 meters
Difficulty: hiker

The excursion starts from the morphological spassage of Valponci near Verzi di Finale Ligure. The ascent route goes through the top of the Corno Fortress to the crossing of the plateau with passage to the Ciappo del Sale on the Megaltic side. The descent in Valponci is circular, along the Via Julia Augusta (from the 1st century BC), with a visit to the five Roman bridges and the Roman quarries with cultural insights into the Romanization of western Liguria and the technique of bridge building in the "Petit Appareil “-architectural style.


Countryside and mountain trips

Time required: about 6 hours
Altitude difference: about 800 meters
Difficulty: for experienced hikers. (Use of via ferrata set and helmet obligatory)

We start from the base camp (Isallo Alto). The mountaineering route leads over the exciting and adrenaline-charged "ferrata degli artisti", (via ferrata of the artists) with breathtaking views of the ignimbrite rhyolites and the overhang of the Balzi Rossi. You get cultural insights into the special Ligurian alpine flora and fauna, the rupicola (cliff birds). The circular descent leads through the Barbottina forest and the Bric Pizzo.