Our procedures for your safety.

In order to best manage the Covid emergency, we take the cleaning and sanitisation of our apartments even more to heart, using even more effective products and specially formulated chlorine-based disinfectants with medical-surgical certifications.

We have also purchased hydrogen peroxide sprays whose effectiveness and compatibility with the measures established by the Ministry of Health are confirmed, which indicates it as a “natural protection for the sterilisation of environments” (PROTOCOL No. 24482 OF 31 JULY 1996).

With each change in customers, the apartments are sterilised with the use of hydrogen peroxide, which is totally safe for humans and environmentally friendly.

Swimming Pool
To best manage the Covid emergency, we have made some changes:

  • the number of sun loungers available will be such as to guarantee the minimum established safe distances
  • the foot washing tub contains an effective biocide
  • the percentage of chlorine in the pool water is constantly monitored

We do our best by sanitising all areas on a daily basis, and we count on your understanding and cooperation.